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Sirenix inspiration
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How you make your gifs?

With Photoshop! We’re really bad at explaining, but there are plenty of tutorials online, make sure to check them out! :)

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Hiya, any advice on Gif Creating? Any specific program that is a must, etc, and such? Thanks xD


Well, both of us use Photoshop. I’m not sure if there are other gif-making programs, so we can’t really be much of a help in that field.

However, if you’d like to make a good gif, I’d suggest you to grab some HD sources, play around with the sharpen tool (which might not be of much use when giffing animated shows, but you can give it a try) and get a good coloring for your finished product (usually, color curves and vibrance will do just fine).

Hope this helps!

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Sorry for the inactivity, guys! We’ll be back very soon with more Winx Club gifs.

Stay tuned!

There’s a light, a brand new kind of power…

January 28, 2004

An Unexpected Event airs for the first time in Italy, starting what is now one of the most successful cartoons in the world.

Happy 10th Anniversary Winx Club!

Inspiration of Sirenix

Even with 3 posts, amazing blog so far :))

Thanks, glad you like our work ^^

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where do you download your episodes from?

iTunes :)

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